Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Powerclitz *Latest ShallyRecords Project Oct 2021* 

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In-house ShallyRecords band members :

News :
Due to the current health issues, ShallyRecords will NOT be holding any events or tours of its artists. We hope this disruption will end soon!! And most importantly, please don't forget to adhere to the safety protocols. Better to be safe than sorry.
Due to the pandemic and the decrease in the number of tourists coming in to Bali, the weekly concerts that we usually hold for our artists will be temporarily CANCELLLED. However, we have received news that the govt stance may pretty well change soon. Let's hope and pray that it is true. We are all sick and tired of this unseen enemy.

  News for December 2021 The govt has allowed concerts to be held but with rules regulating the audience and performers. Hence, we have deci...